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Cigarros Falto Celebrates Its Silver Anniversary

For the occasion, the company unveiled two new cigars made with aged tobacco leaves

Local artisan cigar company Tabacalera Falto just launched two new cigar mixtures to mark its 25th anniversary. The special edition cigars were dubbed Falto Special Edition ELH Hato Viejo 2018 and Falto La Pureza, explained Luis J. Falto, master blender, CEO and president of the only Puerto Rican label to produce artisanal ultra boutique premium cigars.

He added that the cigars are made with aged leaves from the world-renown La Aurora factory, the oldest in the Dominican Republic, and under his instructions and supervision.

Falto founded Tabacalera Falto, in Mayagüez, because he has a passion for the art of manufacturing and the tasting of a good cigar, mixed with a constant curiosity to create personalized mixtures for his cigars.

“That road took me to Santiago de los Caballeros, the Mecca of Dominican cigars and region where some of the most prestigious brands of cigars in the world are produced. I started working with the La Aurora group on a small, very personal production, maintaining strict quality control. This intimate production was very welcomed in the US market, especially by Davidoff of Geneva stores. From that point forward, our growth has been accelerated and the name of Puerto Rico is already associated with world-class cigars,” said Falto in a statement.

Falto also had the vision of anticipating the trend of specially equipped studios to comply with the laws but at the same time allow cigar fans to taste them accompanied by a good premium coffee or liquor. “I opened and expanded the Estudio de Tabaco By Appointment equipped with the latest technology in extraction equipment so that cigar lovers can have an entire experience, matching their favorite cigars I pair with exclusive liquors and coffees”, he added. It’s in this iconic Studio, unique in Puerto Rico in size and concept, located on Calle Luis Mojica Valentín #40 in Mayagüez, where Tabacalera Falto distributes, stores, operates and markets its product.

Tabacalera Falto currently produces twenty-two types of cigarettes, each with a very different flavor seal: Falto, Falto Reserva Especial Tres Luises, Falto Invicto, Falto Perla Reserva Especial Seleccionada, Falto Invicto, are some of the cigars in the portfolio of Tabacalera Falto.

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